Boomerang Giving is a national movement of older Americans who are making our communities stronger by donating some or all of our senior discount savings to our favorite charities.  We dare to imagine the collective impact we can have if we invest our senior discounts in our communities.

Boomerang Giving is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started in 2013 by seven people in the Seattle area.  Our mission is to empower older Americans by creating new opportunities to give back and join others in strengthening communities.  We want to take advantage of the “aging of America” and the strong desire of older Americans to contribute to their communities.


In thinking about opportunities for giving back, it was easy to decide to first focus on encouraging persons eligible for senior discounts to redirect the amounts saved to charity:

  • Senior discounts are a resource available only to older Americans – and the millions of dollars this resource represents have never been tapped for charitable purposes.
  • Donating senior discounts enables many older Americans to experience the joy of giving. Although some seniors need their discounts, many do not and may not even take advantage of them. For these people, it is found money.
  • Small discounts really do add up. $2.00 saved at a movie theater added to $1.50 saved on a bus ride added to a few other discounts over a month or two can result in a meaningful donation. If we join others in supporting a common cause in our community, our collective impact can be huge.
  • Boomerang Giving is an opportunity to pass discounts and values on to the next generation: Invite your children or grandchildren to help choose the charity to be supported and consider donations to nonprofits serving children and families.
  • By encouraging older adults to take advantage of senior discounts and actively redirect them to charity, Boomerang Giving empowers seniors and helps redefine a generation.

Please join us in proudly saying “Senior discount please”

and redirect the saved money to charities of your choice!