Boomerang’s Flight Can Improve Changing Giving Patterns

Each year, millions of Americans send money to support organizations who give people a boost.  We are fortunate to live in a country with a giving tradition.  We are equally fortunate to be served by nonprofits who have demonstrated tenacity and commitment and ingenuity to make sure that help which is on the way ends [...]

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Passing Discounts and Values to the Next Generation

My four-year-old granddaughter, Eliana, has a wonderful bedtime ritual: every night, whoever is putting her to bed, reads her three books. Three books. Not one more or one less. If it’s her father, the books are in Spanish; if it’s her mother or grandfather (aka Paulie) or me (aka Kukie), they are in English. A [...]

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Boomerang Giving: Another Way to Give Back

Pitching in at the Food Bank When we first started thinking about launching Boomerang Giving, we thought of the slogan “Uncage your age!” To us, that meant that those of us over 60 should set aside the cultural and social assumptions about “senior citizens” that work against us remaining or becoming vibrant members [...]

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Small Amounts Really Do Add Up

I wasn’t thinking about senior discounts when I stopped by a local bakery for my morning latte last week; I didn’t even know the bakery offered them. But then I heard the person in front of me in line say, “senior discount, please”. In the past, I would have thought, “I don’t need a discount; [...]

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Keeping the Boomerang in the Air

In the time since our launch in mid-November, Boomerang Giving has been honored by media attention focused upon the idea which we hope will sweep America. Kerry Hannon’s retirement column in the New York Times has been carried in daily newspapers in Albany, San Antonio, Boston, Minneapolis and Bend, Oregon. Richard Eisenberg’s piece for PBS’s [...]

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Making Discounts Count for Communities

In the weeks since the launch of Boomerang Giving we have been in contact with a number of nonprofit organizations that plan to introduce Boomerang Giving to their supporters. That is nothing but a good thing. If a single supporter funds a new contribution by diverting (Boomeranging) a discount, then the nonprofit is securing additional resources. [...]

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