Boomerang Giving celebrates the extraordinary collective impact older Americans can have if we invest some or all of our savings from senior discounts in our communities. The Boomerang Giving App now provides the technology to take full advantage of this potential by making the process of recording and redirecting senior discounts simple and fun.

Most excitingly, the Boomerang Giving App provides hundreds of organizations the opportunity to freshly engage the growing number of older Americans, including the 3.5 million baby boomers turning 65 each year. The app has been specifically designed to allow nonprofits to create local campaigns focused on funding specific needs and targeted to people most likely to support meeting those needs. Think of the app as a way to “crowdsource” the re-direction of senior discounts! Nonprofits consulted during the app’s development are particularly excited that it provides a low cost, low risk way to find new supporters and energize existing ones while taking advantage of the previously untapped resource of billions of dollars in senior discounts.


The Boomerang Giving App can be used on both Android and iOS platforms. Here’s how it works:

Nonprofit Organizations

The Boomerang Giving App enables nonprofits to partner with Boomerang Giving and set up local campaigns that invite likely campaign participants (including existing supporters) to “Boomerang” their senior discounts to the organization for a period of time to meet a specific need. The app then allows a partnered nonprofit to provide background information on the campaign, set the campaign goal, and monitor progress toward meeting the goal—the overall number of participants and the collective contributions made to date. It also provides donor information to the organization, facilitating donor recognition. Finally, the app allows the nonprofit to establish a secure way for campaign participants to transmit senior discount savings to the organization, including the option of having saved discounts automatically donated when they reach a certain level.

Boomerang Giving has prepared an App Toolkit to help nonprofits launch and manage their campaigns.  The toolkit contains an overview of Boomerang Giving and the mobile app, information on enrolling with Boomerang Giving to conduct a local campaign, step-by-step instructions for downloading the app and creating a customized campaign page, and sample emails and social media posts to publicize and report on your campaign.

Campaign Participants

Campaign participants will most often be individuals who have received an email from an organization they already support or from a person they know and trust. The email will include a customized link to the app which, when followed, enables individuals to enroll in the organization’s Boomerang Giving campaign and begin the process of recording and contributing saved discounts to the organization.

Consistent with the goal of simplifying the giving process, the Boomerang Giving app does not require re-enrollment by persons already enrolled in a nonprofit campaign or those who have previously used the app. Persons already supporting a campaign are sent to pages that show the total that they and others have “Boomeranged” to date and how the collective effort is progressing.

See the app in action


Boomerang Giving works with nonprofit organizations eligible to receive tax deductible contributions under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. Enrolling your organization with Boomerang Giving is easy! Please contact David Harrison, Boomerang Giving chair (dharrison@boomeranggiving.org; 206-940-4789) or Brook Pester, Boomerang Giving administrator (bpester@boomeranggiving.org; 206-317-4866) to discuss how the app would work for your organization, review pricing and start the enrollment process.

Please see the Boomerang Giving App Toolkit for more information on the enrollment process and using the app to conduct your local campaign.