“Boomerang Giving is a brilliant idea – a fresh and inventive way to give back, backed by a dynamic team of social entrepreneurs. I hope it sweeps the country!”

~ Marc Freedman, Founder/CEO, Encore.org

BOOMERANG GIVING is a national movement of Baby Boomers who dare to imagine the impact we can make as a generation if Boomers with the means reinvest some or all of our senior discount savings back into our communities through charities we each choose ourselves. Please join us by taking THE BOOMERANG PLEDGE today!

As activists, business leaders, veterans, parents and volunteers, our generation of “Baby Boomers” has made its mark. But with so many around us in need, now is the time to define Baby Boomers as the generation that gives back.

While the amount might be relatively small for each of us who participates, our collective impact will be huge!